Garden City Central Property Owners Association

Amended Child Restraint Law In Effect

The Garden City Village Board and Police Department would like residents to be aware of the amended Child Restraint law,which became enforceable effective November 1, 2019. The new law requires all back-seat passengers under the age of two be restrained in a rear-facing specially designed seat that conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards. The rear-facing seat must be permanently affixed to the vehicle or affixed by a safety belt. The new law also applies to school buses.

The previous law required all children under the age of eight be placed in an appropriate child restraint system. The new law was enacted because children under two years of age are very vulnerable to injury or death in car crashes because their head and neck areas are underdeveloped. The New York State Assembly passed this law in 2017. As written in their summary, the Assembly states, “A 2007 University of Virginia study found that children under two were 75 percent more likely to suffer an injury if they were in a forward-facing seat rather than a rear-facing seat.”

All drivers are reminded that upon conviction, a violation of this law will result in the driver receiving a maximum fine of $100 as well as three points being assessed on their driver’s license.