Garden City Central Property Owners Association

Attention All High School Sophomores: Apply to be a Student Ambassador

Attention current high school sophomores, please consider giving back to your community!

The GC Central Property Owners Association (CPOA) Student Ambassador Program is a vital part of the CPOA. Started in 1999, the program is an ongoing joint venture between resident Garden City junior/seniors and the CPOA. The Student Ambassadors learn how the Garden City village government operates by attending Village meetings. They are challenged to get involved in important issues facing the Village by committing to a service project and presenting their work at CPOA meetings.  Our current Ambassadors are Erin Lynch and Ryan Sievers.

            Applications are being accepted between April 22-May 20 (four weeks) from current high school sophomores who live in Garden City. The term will be the student’s junior and senior year in high school. 

Central Property Owners’ Association (CPOA) Ambassador Application Form

High School Ambassador 2022-2024

Name __________________________________________________________


Phone Number _______________   Email ______________________________

Current High School_______________________________________________

Graduating Year __________________________________________________

Extracurricular Activities___________________________________________

Your responses to the following questions should be attached to this application:1) Why are you interested in becoming a CPOA High School Ambassador and which particular issues facing Garden City interest you?2) Describe a service project you would  pursueduring your term as Ambassador  (examples include membership drive, website support, social media outreach)3) Applicants may also provide any additional information that they feel would be useful in the selection process.

All applicants will be asked to participate in a brief interview with one or more CPOA Directors. If interested, they may contact our current Student Ambassador and upon request will be given their contact info.

Contact Evelyn Fasano ( or Pat Cunningham ( with questions and to submit your application.

Applications may be sent to CPOA Director Evelyn Fasano, 18 Cedar Place.