Garden City Central Property Owners Association


It is with great pleasure that The Garden City Central Property Owners’ Association announces its selection of Ryan Sievers, a Garden City High School Junior, to fill the position of High School Student Ambassador.
Ryan will serve as Ambassador for a term of two years. During this period Ryan will join Erin Lynch, the current Ambassador, a Garden City High School Senior, in performing the duties as required of the position.
As such she will be expected to attend CPOA monthly meetings, as well as meetings of other Garden City Village Government Committees. These may include meetings of: Trustees, Recreation Committee, Zoning Board of Appeals, Architectural Design and Review, Planning Commission, Library and any other committees that serve Village Government. She will share the information from these meetings with the Directors and Officers of the CPOA at their monthly meetings.
In addition, Ryan will work on a special project during her term that is in keeping with her particular skills and knowledge. This might be overseeing the CPOA website, coordinating New Membership Initiatives, special programs involving High School students, or any appropriate programs, either new or currently part of the CPOA.
Ryan was chosen for this position, from among a group of qualified applicants, as a result of her overall qualifications, accomplishments, enthusiasm, and her particular interest in Village Government affairs.
We encourage Residents of the Central Section, as well as residents of Garden City at large, to welcome Ryan to her new roll as Ambassador and her participation in our Village Government.