Garden City Central Property Owners Association

CPOA Meeting June 8th

   The Garden City Central Property Owner’s Association (CPOA) is pleased to host GC Fire Department Chief Devyn Moody and fellow Fire fighters on June 8 at the Senior Center. He will begin his comments at 8:00.

  CPOA meetings begin at 7:30, accordingly a few items of business will be covered prior to the Chief’s presentation.   

  Central and all Village residents are encouraged to participate in this informative evening. A Zoom connection will be available, please see the CPOA website for details

  The CPOA serves the residents of the Central section and all residents in that section are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings. The CPOA website has membership information as well as other topics of interest to residents. 

  The next CPOA meeting will be on Tuesday, September 14 at the Senior Center.