Garden City Central Property Owners Association

January 19, 2021 Meeting Agenda

Central Garden City Property Owners’ Association, Inc.

Joint Meeting 

CPOA Board of Directors and

Resident Electors’ and School Board Electors’

Cluett Hall, St. Paul’s School

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 @ 7:30 P.M.


  1. Convene CPOA Board Meeting

                A. Introductions    

                B. Joint Meeting Protocol

  1. Suspend CPOA Board Meeting        
  2. Convene Resident Electors’ Meeting

A.      Approval of CPOA Minutes (Association & Resident & School  

             Board Electors’) meeting of January 21, 2020

                  B.      Nominating Committee Report: Tom Simpson, Chairperson   

                  C.      Additional Nominations

                  D.      Statement by additional candidate (if any)

                  E.      Voice Vote: if no additional nominations

      IV.       Suspend Resident & School Board Electors’ Meeting: POAs’ Cross 


       V.        Reconvene CPOA Board Meeting

                  A.      Approval of the Minutes of December 8, 2020 Meeting

                  B.      Treasurer’s Report: Mary Beth Tully

      VI.       Suspend CPOA Board Meeting & Reconvene Resident Electors’ Meeting

                  A.      Results of Cross Endorsement 

                  B.      Signing of Petitions

      VII.      Reconvene CPOA Board Meeting

                  A.      Interim President’s Report

                  B.      Village Trustees’ Report: T. Trouve’ and L. Minuto                          

                  C.      School Board Trustee’s Report: M. Wakeham

                  D.      Library Trustee’s Report: L. Nouryan

                  E.      Committee Reports: Traffic, Recreation, ARB, Police/Fire, EAB, et al. 

                  F.       Ambassadors Report

      G.      Unfinished business

     H.      New Business

                   I.      Adjournment  

                  J.      Next CPOA Meeting: 

                       1. Second Resident Electors’ Meeting (if needed Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021).

                       2. CPOA Board Meeting: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

                            7:30 P.M. at the Senior Center