Garden City Central Property Owners Association

New Village Landscaping

Today our administrators finalized the “cutting schedule” with Brightview Landscapes LLC, our new landscape professionals who were contracted to maintain Village property, with the exception of the Central section and the contiguous business district. The contracts were finalized Friday, May 3 and Village Counsel expedited review of same. Cutting began on several gateway roads on Saturday, May 4. As has been evident, the
unforeseen delays created noticeably unkempt areas across the Village.
This is being rectified beginning today. Brightview is currently working in the East section, and will be moving from east to west over the next two days. Weather permitting, the entire Village should be cut by the end of this week. Beginning next week, crews will be in the Village four days each week cutting and edging. We are committed to ensuring proper maintenance of the Village and are working closely with our new vendor to ensure a successful partnership
moving forward.