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“Tinker, Tailor, Trustee, Mayor!

The CPOA will be honored to welcome former Mayor Nicholas Episcopia as its Guest Speaker at the April 18, 2017 CPOA Directors’ Meeting, at 7:00 PM in the Garden City Senior Center. Mayor Episcopia will reminisce about his tenure as the Mayor of our Village for the past two years. He will divulge what his expectations were before his election as Mayor, how he managed the many challenges of his mayoralty, and looking back, what were his achievements and what he wished he had more time to achieve. A short Q and A Session will be held after his talk. Former Mayor Nicholas P. Episcopia was first elected to the Garden City Village Board in 2005 and served as a Trustee, and then Deputy Mayor, until April, 2015 when he was elected Mayor. He is a member of the New York Conference of Mayors as well as a member of the Executive Board of the Nassau County Village Officials’ Association. During the course of his terms on the Garden City Village Board, Mr. Episcopia has held a variety of positions including Commissioner of Fire, Police, Buildings and Planning, Public Works, and Recreation; Chairman of the Traffic Commission; Trustee Liaison to the Business Community, as well as to the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission, Architectural Design Review Board, Library, Recreation Commission, and Environmental Advisory Board; and has served on every Trustee committee and as chair of several. Prior to and during the voluntary service Former Mayor Episcopia has extended to his Community, he has been highly supportive of many issues that have been voiced by the Central Property Owners’ Association, and a close friend of its residents. All residents are cordially invited to attend Mayor Episcopia’s talk, and the CPOA Meeting that will follow.”

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The LIRR has informed the Village that the Stewart Manor Station Building will be closed effective, Monday, August 29, 2016 until the Fall of 2017. Please see the link for detailed information on this project.
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Helpful Hints from Your Neighbors
Have you or your neighbors experienced recent power outages with PSE&G and are looking for resolution? After experiencing repeated power outages on her block, Garden City resident Eithne Thorne has a helpful hint for those who have unresolved issues with PSE&G. Please contact Erin Mullen at PSE&G at to seek help and assistance with your power problems.
Please contact us if you have solutions to problems that your neighbors may be able to use.
If anyone else has any information, comments or concerns, please email the CPOA at

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High School Ambassador Program

The Mission Statement
The High School Ambassadors serve the community for two years during which time they become vital members of the Garden City Central Property Owners’ Association.

Each Student Ambassador is required to attend Village Committee meetings on a regular basis. By doing so, they absorb the essence of the community’s governmental process and present the governing boards / committees with the faces of the next generation. Upon return to the CPOA Board’s monthly meetings they present the agendas and issues of the discussions that have taken place at the meetings which they attended.

During their terms as Ambassadors, students are expected to complete a Community Service project which is in keeping with their particular skills and preferences.

Download the application here!