CPOA December Meeting

Please join us 7:30 PM,  January 15th at the Garden City Senior Center.


   December Treasurer’s Report: https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1JJ9F0FcAa1JhzD7X-b2JgsVeg9x4uqPY6JUcMuBDgOo/mobilebasic


CPOA Letter in Support of the Board of Trustees

CPOA Letter

Safe and Healthy Fields Initiative

Submitted by Kelly Smith and Colleen Ciullo at the March 13th CPOA meeting.

Main Points to Highlight:

  • We are asking for Garden City to voluntarialy adopt the NYS school and day care regulations that ban the application of pesticides on any field, playground or turf on Village grounds beginning this spring.
    While this may be an ambitious timeframe we feel that with knowledge of the threats attached to pesticides waiting any longer to restrict their use would be irresponsible.
  • Children are protected from the toxic effects of pesticides at school, but not at play on village fields
    Other communities have successfully implemented programs using nontoxic techniques (Greenwich, CT is a strong example)
    There are many difficult problems facing our children, this is one with a simple, economical fix
    By voluntarily adopting the NYS school standards regarding pesticides GC will send a powerful message that we care for our children here and take their health and safety seriously
  • The Cornell Safe Fields plan does not call for the replacement of pesticides with any topical or expensive “green” products.
    It dictates a schedule of mowing, watering, fertilizing, cultivating, overseeding, and top dressing to grow grasses with strong root systems that will block out weeds.
  • Garden City Schools are already in compliance with the NYS pesticide ban on school grounds; they may offer insight and information on their successful transition from pesticide use to safer practices.

Useful Links : http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/41822.html


Hamilton Place Construction:

Wednesday 11/28/2018

Hamilton Place – Pratt Brothers will be excavating and installing new base asphalt for the road patches.  The road will be accessible for emergency vehicles.  Homeowners that have road patches in front of their driveway aprons will have limited access to their driveways. While the patch is being excavated and new asphalt is installed, there will be no access.  Full access to driveways will be restored by the end of the day.


Thursday 11/29/2018

Hamilton Place – Pratt Brothers will be milling & paving Hamilton Place from Hilton Ave to Franklin Ave.  Road closures WILL occur to allow work to be done.  If homeowners need access to their vehicles during this time, they will have to be removed from their driveways and parked at the nearest side block before 7:00 AM. Road will be accessible for emergency vehicles in case of emergency. However, emergency vehicles should plan to detour around the street if the emergency is not on the street being repaved.


Trustees encourage residents to contact State Senator Kemp Hannon and Assemblyman Ed Ra to propose and actively promote a “Home Rule” message for the enactment of State Legislation authorizing Garden City to install speed cameras within the Village and further request they formally propose the legislation and actively support its adoption.
The Board of Trustees has determined taxpayer funds are better utilized by prioritizing police availability to deter other more serious crimes and that the ability to utilize speed cameras within the Village is an effective enhancement and supplement to manual police power in deterring speeding and ensuring that speed-related traffic incidents are reduced.
Use these downloadable form letters to contact your local leaders:


Upcoming Meeting Dates

January 14th, 2019

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2018 CPOA Feedback Summary

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Helpful Hints from Your Neighbors
Have you or your neighbors experienced recent power outages with PSE&G and are looking for resolution? After experiencing repeated power outages on her block, Garden City resident Eithne Thorne has a helpful hint for those who have unresolved issues with PSE&G. Please contact Erin Mullen at PSE&G at erin.mullen@pseg.com to seek help and assistance with your power problems.
Please contact us if you have solutions to problems that your neighbors may be able to use.
If anyone else has any information, comments or concerns, please email the CPOA at info@gccpoa.org.

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High School Ambassador Program

The Mission Statement
The High School Ambassadors serve the community for two years during which time they become vital members of the Garden City Central Property Owners’ Association.

Each Student Ambassador is required to attend Village Committee meetings on a regular basis. By doing so, they absorb the essence of the community’s governmental process and present the governing boards / committees with the faces of the next generation. Upon return to the CPOA Board’s monthly meetings they present the agendas and issues of the discussions that have taken place at the meetings which they attended.

During their terms as Ambassadors, students are expected to complete a Community Service project which is in keeping with their particular skills and preferences.

View the application here!