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POAs anticipate dynamic trustee nomination season -The Garden City News

During the recent Village election and unprecedented school year, many residents have expressed concerns about transparency, accountability and “being heard” by their elected representatives on the Village and School Boards. Please be assured that the POAs have a tradition of advocacy and support for residents and their concerns. While the POAs have always had an important role in identifying residents who would volunteer to serve on these boards, the opportunity and ability for other groups or individuals to appear on the village and school ballots have always existed by following the required legal process and obtaining the required number of…
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Welcome to the CPOA Website

The CPOA serves as a civic association providing a venue for its residents to voice their concerns on village matters affecting the central section as well as providing representation to the Mayor and the Village Board of Trustees.  Our monthly meetings are open to all central residents during which reports are given by the officers and directors as well as our village Trustees.  We encourage an open dialogue among the CPOA board, the Trustees and the residents on current village issues.


It is with great pleasure that The Garden City Central Property Owners’ Association announces its selection of Ryan Sievers, a Garden City High School Junior, to fill the position of High School Student Ambassador.Ryan will serve as Ambassador for a term of two years. During this period Ryan will join Erin Lynch, the current Ambassador, a Garden City High School Senior, in performing the duties as required of the position.As such she will be expected to attend CPOA monthly meetings, as well as meetings of other Garden City Village Government Committees. These may include meetings of: Trustees, Recreation Committee, Zoning…
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Village considers putting Cathedral Ave. on a ‘road diet’

| July 29, 2021By Rikki MassandFacebookTwitterEmailCopy LinkPrintFriendlySMSShare The Board of Trustees’ July 15, 2021 meeting featured a presentation on a traffic study of Cathedral Avenue, which has been the subject of heavy concern at both the Traffic Commission and the Central Property Owners Association meetings during the last three years. Cathedral Avenue today is a 44-foot-wide roadway which has four, 11-foot-wide travel lanes (two northbound and two southbound). It has no turning lanes and no shoulders; the area is largely residential with residential driveways along the stretch in Garden City, and there is a 30 mile per hour speed limit. The…
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