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Welcome to the CPOA Website

The CPOA serves as a civic association providing a venue for its residents to voice their concerns on village matters affecting the central section as well as providing representation to the Mayor and the Village Board of Trustees.  Our monthly meetings are open to all central residents during which reports are given by the officers and directors as well as our village Trustees.  We encourage an open dialogue among the CPOA board, the Trustees and the residents on current village issues.

CPOA Meeting June 8th

   The Garden City Central Property Owner’s Association (CPOA) is pleased to host GC Fire Department Chief Devyn Moody and fellow Fire fighters on June 8 at the Senior Center. He will begin his comments at 8:00.   CPOA meetings begin at 7:30, accordingly a few items of business will be covered prior to the Chief’s presentation.      Central and all Village residents are encouraged to participate in this informative evening. A Zoom connection will be available, please see the CPOA website for details   The CPOA serves the residents of the Central section and all residents in that section are welcome and…
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Announcing Community Agreement Party Website

The Community Agreement Party has launched a website – – so residents can learn more about the election on Tuesday, March 16th for Mayor and Village Trustees.  The website contains information on: the POA candidates backgrounds, the history of our Community Agreement, the recent accomplishments of your Board of Trustees, information on voting including by Absentee Ballot, where to hear from the candidates and how to volunteer.  We hope you will visit the website to learn more this important election.

January 19, 2021 Meeting Agenda Central Garden City Property Owners’ Association, Inc. Joint Meeting  CPOA Board of Directors and Resident Electors’ and School Board Electors’ Cluett Hall, St. Paul’s School Tuesday, January 19, 2021 @ 7:30 P.M. AGENDA Convene CPOA Board Meeting                 A. Introductions                     B. Joint Meeting Protocol Suspend CPOA Board Meeting         Convene Resident Electors’ Meeting A.      Approval of CPOA Minutes (Association & Resident & School                Board Electors’) meeting of January 21, 2020                   B.      Nominating Committee Report: Tom Simpson, Chairperson                      C.      Additional Nominations                   D.      Statement by additional candidate…
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CPOA Annual Electors Meeting

January 19, 2021 at 7:30 pm Cluett Hall  CPOA NOMINATES YVONNE VARANO FOR VILLAGE TRUSTEE AND TOM PINOU FOR AT-LARGE SCHOOL BOARD TRUSTEE The Nominating Committee of the Central Property Owners’ Association (CPOA) has selected Yvonne Varano (20 First Street) as the Central Section’s candidate for Village Trustee for the 2021-2023 term.  The Nominating Committee has also selected Tom Pinou (39 Fenimore Avenue) as the Central Section’s candidate for School Board At-Large Trustee for the 2021-2024 term.  Tom Simpson (Chairperson), Donald J. Martis, Susan GammageMunn, John Pascal, Patty Siler, Jennifer Weekley, and Tracey Williams have voted to submit the names of Yvonne Varano for Village Trustee nominee and Tom Pinou for School Board…
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Agenda December 8, 2020

CPOA MEETING AGENDA TUESDAY, December 8, 2020 – 7:30pm G.C. Senior Center Approval of the minutes from the November 10, 2020 meeting Report of the Treasurer – Mary Beth Tully Guest Speakers – N/A Report of the Interim President – Ed Finneran Reports of Trustees (Village, School Board, and Library) – Mayor Theresea Trouve’, Louis Minuto, Lola Nouryan and Matt Wakeham Reports of the Standing Committees: ARB, Cultural/Recreation; Library, Membership, High School Ambassadors, Envir’tal Adv. Board, Traffic, School Board, Police/Fire,  Reports of Special Committees  Unfinished business          New Business  Executive Session – N/A  Next Meeting: January 19, 2021/Place: Cluett Hall @ St….
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