Garden City Central Property Owners Association

St Paul’s Update

St. Paul’s Update:Setting Date for ReferendumAccording to this week’s Garden City News, a decision will be made on setting the date of the non-binding referendum on the future of St. Paul’s at the next Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 17th at Village Hall at 7:30 p.m.The three proposals that will appear on the referendum are: 1) demolition; 2) keeping the fa├žade and adding modern construction behind it; and 3) restoring a portion of the building as a community center while making the rest of it safe from fire.Some residents believe that the proposed date in October is too soon and does not provide sufficient time for the residents to evaluate the pros and cons of the three options.We encourage residents to consider attending the upcoming BOT in-person at Village Hall or by Zoom ( you are unable to attend, you can email your feedback on the referendum date to Mayor Mary Carter Flanagan at