Garden City Central Property Owners Association


Garden City Central Property Owners Association October Meeting Minutes

Garden City Central Property Owners Association  Meeting Minutes Tuesday October 8, 2019 Start time: 7:35pm Approximate number of attendees: 34 Trustees Present: Theresa Trouvé (Mayor), Louis Minuto Officers Present: Don Brudie, Mary Beth Tully, Heather Nielsen Directors Present: Pat Cunningham, Evelyn Fasano, Ed Finneran, Dick Silver, Jane Simpson, Joe Caroselli, Glenn Egor Student Ambassadors Present: Dean Trapani, Griffin Minuto President Don Brudie calls the meeting to order and makes a motion to approve the September meeting minutes.  Seconded by Dick Silver and Ed Finneran. Joe DiFrancisco from the Department of Public Works presents about the water department.  [Note: Dean Trapani…
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Amended Child Restraint Law In Effect

The Garden City Village Board and Police Department would like residents to be aware of the amended Child Restraint law,which became enforceable effective November 1, 2019. The new law requires all back-seat passengers under the age of two be restrained in a rear-facing specially designed seat that conforms to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards. The rear-facing seat must be permanently affixed to the vehicle or affixed by a safety belt. The new law also applies to school buses. The previous law required all children under the age of eight be placed in an appropriate child restraint system. The new law was enacted because children under two years…
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Monitoring Wells in the East

The Environmental Protection Agency plans to drill four wells in the East to monitor underground water pollution caused by a plume from the old Mitchel Field Air Force base that is moving south from that location, according to Public Works Superintendent Joseph DiFrancisco. Garden Street, the intersection of Tremont Street and Garden Street and the intersection of Willow and Tremont streets are the three proposed locations for the four wells; the Willow/Tremont intersection is slated to have two wells. Drilling is expected to begin this month. The EPA, at the Village’s insistence, will not be doing any work in regards…
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